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Bamboo Blade

This anime is about five girls are in hight school and do Kendo for  club activities but when the anime starts there is only one girl training for the contest that the adviser has arranged with an old friend of his.

The Genre of this anime is Comedy, Sports and Slice of life story.

Final word

This anime is very good for lovers of Kendo.

Shakugan no Shana

Shakugan no Shana is about the Crimson Realm witch is populated by Crimson Denizens

Back in the normal world a person called yugi is drawn into the the universe by a spell called a seal witch is a parallel universe  when he is in there no one els is moving everyone is still like time has stopped witch is the case and he meets a Denizen that is feeding on the power of existence witch is sucked out by all in the seal and then a flame haze named Shana and she kills the Denizen.

The story continues into three seasons.

Check it out its very good.

Xbox one fitness

Xbox one fitness is a free app for the new xbox one that has trainers like Tracy Anderson, Tony Horton Jillian Michaels and Shaun T they have made workouts for the fitness app.

There is one thing i need to let you know you need Xbox Live Gold to get the workouts.

Overall this game is great for the fitness people they are targeting and challenging for the everyday people.

2014 plan

hello everyone it is nearly 2014 and i got a few review planed.



Ratchet and clank


Thats all i got at the moment i will do more reviews in 2014



Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and have a happy new year.

I will be back in 2014 with more reviews and more exciting stuff i will try to report on supernova 2014 this year and if Im lucky EB Games Expo 2014

Lastly thanks for a great three months


Forza Motorsport 5


Forza Motorsport is the next generation of racing games and it was a launch title for the Xbox one.

When you first launch the game you will get a cutscene by Jeremy Clarkson about cars after you a put in a practise race so you can learn the controls

After the race you get to pick your first car and you can paint it the way you want.

After you picked your first car and painted it you are thrown in a career race which is made up of five tracks.

Voices from Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond from BBC Top Gear.